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Band Members

Rob: Vocals
Mick: Guitar
John: Drums / Vocals
Pete: Bass
Ryan: Keytar/ Synths/ Backing vocals

Formed in leeds in 2008, Sound of sirens have spent the last two years building up a reputation as a stellar live band. they deliver an exciting blend of indie, rock and electro which has proved popular with their ever growing fanbase. the band have been fortunate to perform all over the U.K, and have had significant radio airplay. having just completed their first UK tour in late 2010, the band took an extended break to work on new material and to bring in a new member, Ryan on synths. with a brand new set of material written and ready to gig, the band are looking to hit the ground running in 2012 and capitalize on their growig popularity.


Next up was Sound Of Sirens, A local band who have incessantly gigged for the last couple of years. This really came across in their performance, as they electrified the crowd with a storming set. with the 500 capacity room now almost full, Sound of Sirens were a joy to watch, each member giving everything that they had as they entertained the crowd. The set had everything from upbeat rock tracks, to the surprisingly reflective acoustic track titled Unexpected, which showed another side to what at first glance was a straight up rock band. Definitely a band to keep an eye on in future

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"The tune is captivating from the start"
- Sapphire Wheeler, the Leeds Scenester

"they held their own with a commanding presence, front-man Rob Doherty demanding hands in the air from the start. His stamina proved nothing short of remarkable as he leapt about the stage flexing and dancing like a Stooges era Iggy Pop. Together they forced their way through an energetic set of punchy indie rock tracks "- Reece Stables, LeedsMusic Scene

"'One Step' boasts a hooky, pop-infused chorus that makes it a thoroughly enjoyable listen"
- Jessica Thornsby, Leeds Music Scene

"this could be the next big band to come out of leeds. " - Orky, gig & Events Guide

"make no mistake, this band could be big. very big. " - Skippy10, Eventful (Apr 08, 2009)

"awesome!!! melodic with an energetic edge at the same time " - dan (cake meets face)

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